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Aha moments -- those are every teacher's goal. We love them too. Our hands-on learning products are designed to read kids and help them build deep knowledge. Active, engaged learning through hands-on experiences is critical to the learning process. Our products try to take the abstract and make it concrete. We strive to fire up imagination and spark a lasting insight in the child's mind. At TOYFUN, we've had only one mission for over 25 years to create high-quality, effective, hands-on educational toys and products that help our children realize their full potential.

Our Vision:
Toyfun toys are based on three principles: Play, Learn and Live..

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We, at TOYFUN, constantly strive to make learning playful, exploratory and challenging for kids. All our products stimulate young children to play. As a result, they develop specific, important skills in a natural way and learn through play.


We believe that every child deserves the best possible education. That is, education with a focus on individual talents, personal results and achievements. Our toys form a solid base for learning. They stimulate the development of a child through active hands-on learning. Our emphasis on play-based learning incorporates play-based teaching. We provide clear guidelines for learning and instructions to effectively stimulate the learning experience for a child.

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We help young children to understand the ways of our world. Educational goals are strengthened by associating with everyday situations. Our products use daily life experiences to encourage and reinforce key concepts. A solid base for development!

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