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The unicorn craft for kids is a easy and fun to make DIY kit for small as well as young kids. One can make a sling bag, bookmarks, utility pouch, cute hair clip, sparkling jewellery, photo frame, sleeping masks, penstand, selfie props, hairband and much more !

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Enjoy the magic of Unicorn world with this DIY art and craft kit. DIY Hobby Craft Kit for Kids, For kids above 6 years & up, Unicorn Theme Craft set, craft kit for kids with all craft materials Best Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, School Projects Best gift for Girls. Improves your little one’s creativity and imagination. This creative craft is filled with fun to bring your inner creative genius to life.

Items Included In The Package
1 Sling Bag, 1 Utility Pouch, 1 Template for photo frame, 1 Hair clips
1 Hair Band, 1 Penstand Template, 1 Badge Pin and cutout, 1 Jwellery string and pendant
1 Fish hooks for earings, 1 Clasp and rings, 1 Selfie props templates, 1 Sticks for selfie props,
1 Die cut decorative material, 1 Unicorn Character Cutouts, 1 Decorative Flowers, 1 Bookmark Template, 1 Sleeping mask cutout, 1 Ring and cutout for Keychain, 1 Sparkling Glitter, 1 Craft Glue, 1 Instruction Manual,

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