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A best-seller and a one of a kind DIY kit to introduce India’s infamous art of Warli in an exhillirating way of painting, assembling and house building experience

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Warli House is an art and craft DIY Kit for kids. Kids have to draw warli figures and shapes on the house provided and then paint them. Warli being an ancient art form of India, makes kids aware of Indian tradtition and their art form. Draw, paint tie and arrange to complete the DIY activity.

Contents: 1 big house, 1 small house, 2 roofs, 4 Pillars, 4 Trees, 6 Colour Tubs, 1 Brush, 1 Palette, Glue, Lace and Manual.

Indulges kids in learning ancient art of India, away from screen time.

Helps in improving hand skills, Focus, Imagination and creativity.

BIS Approved product.

Proudly made in India.

Weight 450 kg


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